To provide exceptional consultancy solutions to North American transportation industry partners using a variety of cutting edge tools and technologies.


Cutler TCMS provides transportation-related compliance and training services to company owners and operators.  Company founder and CEO, Shane Cutler, has spent decades in industry operations, management delivery and safety training arenas, focusing on corporate risk strategy, management practices and consulting.

Cutler TCMS, provides cost-effective tools, such as educational products and consultation, to help today’s carriers remain compliant in an increasingly demanding environment…..After all and without question, safety comes first, and knowledge is power!


Shane Cutler


An inspiration and renegade, Shane Cutler began his career as a humble driver for Highland Transport™ and after decades of hard work and perseverance, Shane’s commitment to excellence continues to shine!  Prior to his current Owner/CEO, Cutler TCMS title, Shane was indispensable and ‘raised the bar’ on a multitude of safety, training and compliance standards as a formal Health & Safety Compliance Officer, Transportation Management and Safety Consultant, Insurance Assessor, Certified Defensive Driving Instructor and E-log Manager. Shane has developed strong partnerships with companies such as Omnitracs, Carriers Edge and Jobs In Transportation giving Cutler TCMS the tools needed to assist carriers in a multitude of ways.  Contributing in meaningful ways to the longevity and profitability of business, Shane generates original and copyrighted safety policies and procedures and also vastly improves upon existing industry protocol.  Remaining on the forefront of strategic partnership relations and technological advancement, he always trains personnel in ways that ensure their continued professional growth and adherence to Best Practices.  His fluency and glowing track record in said forums result in increased productivity, insurance savings and CVOR point reduction that are virtually immeasurable!  Shane continues to develop Cutler TCMS as Owner/CEO, and also graces external field players with his knowledge and expertise as a Keynote Speaker at various Canadian transportation venues.